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5x5 Rectal Cancer Treatment Protocol - Q&A

Mircea Beuran Course Overview This workshop is designed to review the information on the diagnosis and management of rectal cancer. The symposium provides an ideal mix of the traditional standard of care principles with cutting edge, forward-moving practices.

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It explores issues related to surgical technique, adjuvant and neo-adjuvant approach or stoma care. The workshop runs theory along with live transmissions from the operating room of the Emergency Clinical Hospital Bucharest — Floreasca. Professor RJ Heald will have some very interesting presentations along with very experienced Romanian faculty.

The material presented will be exciting as well as readily assimilated and applied.

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To whom the course addresses: Rectal cancer of program is designed to meet the continuing education needs of general surgery residents as well as general surgery consultants. It is also useful for researchers in general surgery and physicians during PhD studies in general surgery and human anatomy.

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Bogdan Diaconescu bogdan. The participants will be accepted after receipt of payment on a first-come-first-served basis.

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